Word2WAV for Windows

Are you tired of wasting your time splitting and naming countless files when recording gaming, eLearning, or telephony projects? Not to mention that you don't get paid for that highly tedious and error-prone task!

Enter: Word2WAV – an automated recording application that makes it possible to automate any multi-file scripted recording session.

For studios or independent narrators who need to produce hundreds or thousands of audio files for eLearning, video games, or telephony, Word2WAV saves countless hours of tedious file splitting and naming – which inevitably entail naming errors and loss of time in successive rounds of Quality Assurance.

Word2WAV is extremely easy to use. Once the script has been imported, the only required intervention is two mouse clicks per audio file: Record and Stop. As soon as the narrator clicks on the Stop button, Word2WAV automatically saves the recording as a WAV file whose name is taken directly from the script. No waste of time. No error.

Watch this 4-minute video to get a clear idea of what Word2WAV does.

Look at the FAQs to see if you can benefit from Word2WAV.

Many options make Word2WAV an attractive recording tool: Display of each segment to be recorded in context, customization of the way the segments to be recorded are displayed, saving of all 'bad' takes in a separate folder, ability to record alternates on the fly in case of question about pronunciation for instance, display comments, on-the-fly editing of script with 'as recorded' export capability, audio editing (built-in or third-party editor), batch resampling and format conversion, etc.

Audio Specifications: up to 192 kHz, 32 bits floatting
Compatible with ASIO drivers and USB mics/interfaces

System Requirements:
- Windows XP or newer
- 2 GB of RAM
- 10 MB of hard disk space

Take a few minutes to look at the detailed instruction manual (PDF) or look at what current users say about Word2WAV.

Or watch a YouTube tutorial covering a typical Word2WAV session.

Better yet, download a free fully-functional trial version and put Word2WAV to the test on actual jobs.

The time you will save editing will pay for the software, most likely over the very first project.