What Current Users Say…

Colin Day

“I’ve been doing another project in Word2WAV today and as usual it’s saving me loads of time and hassle.”
Bromsgrove, UK

Todd Ellis

“I bought Word2WAV on the recommendation of a friend and it has saved me literally DAYS in production time. AWESOME program!”
Carterville, Illinois

Mary McKitrick

“Where has Word2WAV been all my life? Amazing program!”
Northampton, Massachusetts

Tim McLaughlin

“Just recorded 381 files – using four scripts – and everything worked great. You’ve got a great program here and it’s made my life a whole lot easier for these kinds of projects.”
Denver, Colorado

Alain Cadieux

Word2WAV is a must have program for all e-learning voice-over projects. The service and tech support you have given me since the beginning is beyond anything I have experienced with any software company before!
Repentigny, Canada

Cira Larkin

“I recently had a 6,000 word e-Learning project that had to be turned around in a very short amount of time. The Word2WAV program really saved my hide in meeting my deadline. This is a foolproof program that is sheer genius.”
Orlando, Florida

Connie Terwilliger

I’m liking Word2WAV a lot for eLearning scripts. Just finished one yesterday and saved a bunch of time in editing and naming files.
San Diego, California

Karen Saltus

This program is AWESOME! I never would have believed software could do all of this. I do many thousands of prompts every year, and Word2WAV is going to save me hundreds of hours of work.
Bisbee, Arizona

Julie Williams

This is quite possibly the most useful program created specificaly for voiceover talent that I’ve ever seen!
West Coast, US

Arnaud Dasprez, Hexagroup

Word2WAV has drastically reduced our audio costs when producing eLearning material.
Houston, Texas

Melissa Exelberth

Thank YOU for the program.. It’s great!
Nutley, New Jersey

Steve Hammill

The work flow is far better than anything that I’ve ever seen without an engineer, producer, director, and assistant involved.
Eureka, Montana

Bobbin Beam

Oh my! I’ve added a new software that has already made some of my work efforts so much more productive, and it’s absolutely amazing, it’s called Word2WAV…
Escondido, California

Liz de Nesnera

Personally, it was a real blast to see suggestions that you make as a user, actually appear in a product!
Pompton Lakes, New Jersey