Two programs designed to automatically create a large number of individual audio files named precisely per specifications.

Two Programs – Same End Result

Word2WAV or WAVsplitter: Use either application to record a large number of audio files and save each precisely and automatically according to a list provided by your client. Ideal for gaming, eLearning, or telephony. The program to use depends on your equipment and the length of the individual audio files. But the results are the same: save time and frustration while increasing the accuracy of your deliverables.


Ideal to record a large number of small prompts. Simply record a prompt and go to the next one, or re-record it until you nail it. The last take is always the one in the project folder, while the previous ones are saved just in case. Each audio file is created in real time. Once you reach the last prompt, your work is done.

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Use any software to record the various files, leaving a pause between each one. Edit as usual, then import the composite file into WAVsplitter and let the program split it into its components. More suited than Word2WAV to longer files and for companies which can receive audio recorded on any software/hardware.

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Batch Processor ( included in both programs )

    Can be used with any audio file, regardless of how it was created:

  • Cut set length at the beginning/end of each file
  • Set a silence at the beginning/end of each file
  • Normalize
  • Resample to a variety of formats/specifications

Rename Wizard ( included in both programs )

    Can be used with any file on your computer:

  • Add prefix/suffix to file names
  • Add/remove strings/characters
  • Change extensions
  • Change creation date/time
  • Change names according to an equivalence table

Colin Day

I’ve been doing another project in Word2WAV today and as usual it’s saving me loads of time and hassle.

Bromsgrove, UK

Todd Ellis

“I bought Word2WAV on the recommendation of a friend and it has saved me literally DAYS in production time. AWESOME program!”

Carterville, Illinois

Mary McKitrick

“Where has Word2WAV been all my life? Amazing program!”

Northampton, Massachusetts

Tim McLaughlin

“Just recorded 381 files – using four scripts – and everything worked great. You’ve got a great program here and it’s made my life a whole lot easier for these kinds of projects.”

Denver, Colorado

Alain Cadieux

Word2WAV is a must have program for all e-learning voice-over projects. The service and tech support you have given me since the beginning is beyond anything I have experienced with any software company before!

Repentigny, Canada