Tutorials – Word2WAV

Disclaimer: You may very well speak French by the time you are done with these tutorials…

    Follow a typical WordWAV session by watching the following 4 videos:

  • Part 1 – Audio Setup and Script Import
  • Part 2 – Recording (Most informative to learn about Word2WAV)
  • Part 3 – Audio Editing
  • Part 4 – Batch Processing

Tutorials – WAVsplitter

No WAVsplitter-specific tutorial is available at this point (besides the Presentation on the Home page).

However, the last video on script formatting is applicable to WAVsplitter as well.

The last video contains basic script formatting information. It is applicable to both programs.

Scripts come in a variety of formats which may or may not be user friendly. But regardless of what you receive from your client, the script will have to follow some rules in order for Word2WAV or WAVsplitter to recognize what is the file name and what is the corresponding content. Comments as optional in Word2WAV.

This video covers the specifications as well as some basic formatting tricks to achieve them. We will be glad to guide while you get started with the process.

Should you have needs for extensive reformatting, or just don’t want to mess with this step, you can contract us for that service. A little time/money investment upfront will save you a lot of the same down the line.